Every once in a while there's a quote,  or nugget of knowledge that will send my creative juices flowing into overdrive.  

Losers have goals, winners have systems.

This quote led me to research creating systems, or daily habits, to successfully achieve your goals, and curate your best life. Upon gathering this knowledge, I found a way to simplify it into 3 actionable steps...
Guys- Let this take you into your 2017, on fire! 


1. WRITE DOWN YOUR GOALS (areas for opportunity): There is NOTHING wrong with goals. They are the first step in getting to the development of systems/habits. But, a goal, without an understanding of the action behind it, doesn't come to fruition (i.e. why 95% of "New Year's Resolutions" fail within the first 15 days). 


Our Weaknesses: We all relish in the things we're good at, and spend most of our time in that comfort zone. Meanwhile, our weaknesses fall by the wayside and continue to bring us down, lingering like a leech and sucking the life out of our bubble of greatness.


Our Strengths EMPOWERED: If we are consistently raising the standard on ourselves, and what we can achieve, we BETTER the things we excel in, to avoid complacency, and continuously reap in reward. 


2. CREATE THE RITUAL: "How we spend our minutes, is how we spend our lives."

The things we are not good at, are typically not what we spend our time doing, but they are what we NEED to spend our time doing. 

Our daily rituals/habits that we instill, will ensure that we attack our goals daily. The SYSTEMS are the collection of these habits, with a clear path, progressing over time. Brainstorm the new rituals you will bring to life, in a foolproof way, in 2017.

Ex 1- DIET. (I bet that got your attention). Most of us have gotten off track, here at the end of the year. Others maybe never felt like you were on it. You don't have time to cook healthy, or you're always on the road. Systems such as food prepping on Sundays, packing your lunch in the evenings, only eating half of your plate when you go out, regular trips to the Farmer's Market every Saturday, are the habits necessary to make your plan achievable.

(For more on this, sign-up for our Nutritional Habits workshop Jan 7).

Ex 2- FINANCE: I suck at it. But, I do enjoy listening to podcasts. If I find a financial guru who's appealing to listen to (like Dave Ramsey), I can listen while I cook, get ready for work, etc. If I have the knowledge on the subject, I will have the confidence to put it into play, especially while doing something I enjoy. From there, I will put in my planner, every Tuesday/Thursday from 2-4pm, to work on bookkeeping. I will not make any other appointments during that time. These are habits. 

The SYSTEM will come with what I am working on each week/month. Maybe the first few weeks it's getting rid of unnecessary expenses. The next month tweaking my budget, and so forth...


3. BACK IT WITH A COMPELLING STORY: Tony Robbins says an action plan isn't really solid, unless you're lacking the compelling story, or the reward that will come with it. When shit gets hard and I feel hungry, tired, or frustrated, what is the captivating result that will PULL me through it, (as opposed to feeling pushed to something you don't really want)? 

I need to lose weight
or I need to eat better. 

Aren't enough motivation to change your habits. 

I want to go to look in the mirror and say "hell yeah!"
I want to climb into bed with my spouse and be confident in my skin.
I want to beat my sprint time from when I was in high school. 
I want to prove wrong, the person who said I am not capable.
I want to get off my meds. 

Those are tangible, compelling stories, of what you're striving for, giving you an emotional attachment to victory.

Ex- My deficiency in finance has to do with lack of knowledge on the subject. Like I said, if I setup a system, that's appealing to me, to educate myself, I will be more enticed. But, the greater incentive would be to establish a compelling motivator. Maybe it's to make $25,000 profit that I will use to fund the project I've been dreaming about! SIGN. ME. UP.