do you think big enough?

Y'all, I had a crazy experience yesterday! I discovered a great podcast from Lewis Howes, where he interviewed "Twitch Boss" (DJ on Ellen, dancer/judge on So You Think You Can Dance, and appears in many great movies)... I've been a huge fan of his for quite some time now. 

Shortly after I had a meeting with Young Elites, an organization that empowers young women by educating them in ways to build confidence and success. kādi has an ongoing partnership with them, and each year I lead a high-powered hip hop class at their Leadership Summit.

During the meeting, one of the co-founders, Shiley, brought up an idea... "One of the speakers from last year is connected to Twitch Boss, (I had said nothing about him or the podcast to her to lead up to this), and we should get him to come DJ your class at the Summit this year." Ummm... what?! My heart started pounding thinking about the possibility of collaborating with one of my biggest idols.

Alignment. Wow. Ok God, I'm paying attention...

From there we had an enthusiastic brainstorming session for the camp, shifting and manifesting greatness, even beyond what it already is.

When Shiley asked me who I know that would be a great speaker on self awareness, I said Baron Baptiste (one of the biggest names in yoga in the world). Because why not?!

"The greater danger lies not in setting the bar too high and falling short, but in setting it too low and achieving our mark." -Michaelangelo Buonarroti

It got me thinking, how many times have we just played the game as it has always been played, working on the level of success we already have. We keep our moves lateral, and our connections stay with those similar in "status." Or, we create programming, events, projects in a mold that fit with the norm. Then, we wonder why we aren't moving forward: making more money, taking on more clients/followers, losing weight, & MANIFESTING VISIONS... 

How different would our lives be if we set the bar crazy high every time we got to the drawing board. The killer part is that in asking for the ultimate greatest (that appears out of reach), we JUST MIGHT GET IT! If not, there may be a next best thing that we wouldn't have even reached for, had we stuck with "the norm." And, if we ask, and we don't receive, we haven't really lost anything. We've only gained the practice of thinking bigger.

Use THAT to fuel your day!

Keep the Passion,