tribe member stripped

When we come up with the themes each month, the hope is that it not only resonates in class and fitness, but beyond the four walls of the studio, into everyday life. When you share how the theme has impacted your life, there is no greater reward for us. We are a tribe of people, all with unique stories, bodies, and situations, but a common core, to be our best selves... Here's the story one tribe member shared today:

Facebook reminded me that I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis seven years ago today. I feel like this is the impetus I needed to write a little something for #kadistripped. There’s been something simmering since Katie first mentioned the theme this month.

When a diagnosis of chronic, incurable disease is slapped on you, it becomes a label. The label can lie to you about who you are because of disease. Over the years, I’ve found myself allowing a variety of labels to stick to me like a name tag at networking event.

Hello, I’m Sick

I have had a long journey with coming to terms with the disfunction within my body. My emotions have run the gamete from depressed and sulking to rebellious and reckless. Spiritually, I’ve experienced peace, submission, indignation and even anger. My approach to treatment has ranged from taking all the meds to taking no meds at all. I’ve modified my diet— first in extreme ways that weren’t sustainable for the long haul, and then I found the foods that cause issues and eliminated those few. Physically, I’ve been everything from bed-ridden to a burned-out runner with wrecked knees to being in the best shape of my life here recently. There was a time when I even let this disease determine my dreams. I let it limit what I thought I was capable of. I saw my capacity in every area of life through the lens of RA.

No more. I have stripped myself of the labels that come with the diagnosis. Even though I started my fitness journey still wearing so many of the negative labels, reaching new goals physically has shown me that I can put on whatever labels I choose. And that RA doesn’t have to have anything to do with the matter.

Today, seven years after being diagnosed, I can say,

Hello, I’m Healthy
...In the game
...Full of hope
…Getting stronger
...Dreaming big dreams

Even though I still hit bumps in the road, and have days when I feel sorry for myself, I’m determined to overcome every obstacle. At 36 I’ve never been in better shape or felt better in my entire life. Thanks to the encouragement, accountability, love and support I receive at Kadi Fit, along with an ever-increasing understanding of God’s Power at work in and through me, I now see no limit to what I can do. Not just physically, either. My capacity (and yours) is constantly expanding. I refuse to let an insurance code determine what I can and can’t do. So this May, seven years later, I’m stripping off the negative labels associated with RA.

Hello, I’m Tia.