I am (not) strong

One thing that most people don't know about me, is I never took a strength class until about 6 years ago. Granted, I have been a fitness instructor for 9, but I only stuck to cardio because it was the only thing (I thought) I was good at. Before I opened my own space I would see the body pump, and bootcamps at the gyms I worked at, but was completely intimidated by them. People carrying weights, knocking out pushups, burpees, and squats, terrified me! I thought everyone in the class were super strong experts, doing advanced exercises.

I could never physically last through a class.

People would gawk at me.

I would bulk up.

I wouldn't enjoy it.


After a couple of years, I created Boga (a mat class combining ballet and yoga), which is actually wonderful for toning, with mobility and flexibility infused together. I did it because, being a dancer, and spending many years training at the ballet barre, that was where I felt comfortable.

Once I opened my own space, I hired others to teach the strength classes, but knew I needed to practice what I preached. So, I swallowed my pride, and got vulnerable in Primal, in front of everyone I was supposed to be "superman" to. Truth be told, it was challenging at first, but I DID survive. I recognized if it were easy, there would be no reward. However, I WAS stronger than I thought I was in some areas! Surprisingly, many people in the class had the same challenges I did, so we bonded in that experience. There were ways to tailor each exercise to be something I could do. I was an example to the tribe, putting myself out there to try new things, even if I felt like I was making a fool of myself. And, instead of being intimidating, the strongest people in the class, became an encouragement, and showed us what was possible. 

Now, I teach Primal and Karve, and exhilarate in the atmosphere! There is something that you get from strength training that not only shifts your physical self, but also your confidence and mindset. You feel physically stronger as you walk out of class. You stand taller, and take on your day with renewed vigor!

As far as "bulking up," there were times I thought that was happening. However, when I was honest with myself, I found wasn't watching my portion control. I was strengthening the muscle under the fat. Whenever I eat the amount I should, I become lean again. The truth is, muscle burns 3 times more calories at rest than fat. Cardio burns a big amount of calories in a short period of time, but muscle is what increases your metabolic rate, so you are burning more calories even while sitting at your desk or sleeping. 

The best thing about Primal, is it's functional body weight and mobility training. Instead of working a single muscle group with a lot of weight, it's incorporating full body movements, the way our body was designed. It improves balance (which we all take for granted), and range of motion. Typically, the fuller your movement, the more you benefit from the exercise. So, the moves not only tone and sculpt, but create LONGEVITY, and a better quality of life. We all want to be able to move,  run, jump, crawl and sweat as long as we live!

I have had less injuries (only ONE in 5 years), since incorporating in consistent strength and mobility training to my schedule. Muscle actually relieves pressure off of our joints, and flexibility keeps us from pulling something when we make those full, quick movements. 

And, being stronger, has made me even better at what I was already good at, CARDIO!

My #kādistripped advice for the day, is what areas of fitness do you feel like you are NOT ______ (strong, limber, fit, quick). Quit telling yourself that you are NOT. Believe in what you are. Just because you haven't tried it, or done it often, doesn't mean after a few goes at it, you won't BE that. STRIP YOURSELF OF WHO YOU ARE NOT, IN ORDER TO BE WHO YOU TRULY ARE. Think about who in your life you would impact if you did, including yourself....


Hello, I am Katie. 

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