just show up

5 years ago Mike Dixon (our expert Primal Coach), was 65 pounds heavier, and suffered from various health issues. Nothing motivated him. I (his wife), had just opened a fitness studio, and couldn't inspire him. We both knew it ultimately needed to come from within. He would yo-yo on different diets or workouts, but nothing lit a fire under him for good. 

He ate a lot of processed food and loved a good Coors Lite. Chronic heartburn and indigestion had him popping zantac like it was candy. The acid reflux was so bad that he was getting sick in the bathroom during lunch meetings with potential clients (he is in sales). He also suffered from headaches often, and had borderline high blood pressure and cholesterol. 

The day he hit rock bottom was when the doctor told him he could have esophageal cancer, (because the acid reflux had been such a chronic issue). Luckily it was not cancer. However, at that point he made a choice. Instead of continuing to put a bandaid on the issue with meds, he chose to change his lifestyle and heal his body. 

Within days of giving up processed food and grains, his headaches and reflux were gone. Within a couple of weeks, his blood pressure and cholesterol were lower. 

He became passionate about eating and moving the way our bodies were intended. He read and studied about it daily. He started coming to Primal regularly, and later became a coach. He knew so many, male and female alike, who struggle with real change, and were seeking the inspiration to get there. He knew he could relate, and aspired to show them the steps to get there.

Sure, there are weeks now that he may not "feel like" working out, or choosing real food over processed. But, he does it anyway. For 5 years he has "SHOWN UP" to workout 5 days a week. He still studies, researches and creates unique classes each week (no 2 are ever the same). In the afternoons, while the studio is quiet and empty, he attacks his creation with everything he has, living it, and perfecting it before the class arrives, and he leads them in their own transformation.

A couple times a week, he may not make the best choices in what he eats, or chooses to sit on the couch, but, he lives by the 80/20 rule, and it works. 

Some results came immediately, and he was stoked about the success. Instead of settling with the initial change, and remaining there, it fueled him to work a little harder each day, to find each level of success. He found how small steps ultimately climb mountains. He continues to change his workouts, trying new movements, increasing his intensity, and bringing a little more each and every day. In the past year, he has lost 15 more pounds. 

He is busy. 
He runs 2 businesses ...well, assists one of them ;)
He gets tired.
He doesn't always feel like it,


It takes 21 days to make a habit.  If you keep "showing up", NO MATTER WHAT, you've created a habit. Then, CONSTANTLY showing up, day-after-day, week-after-week, year-after-year is where the real transformation happens. That's when your life changes for good. That's when you can enjoy each level of success in what you're capable of.

To be honest, when his interest in a holistic lifestyle began, I never believed it would stick. But, I am incredibly proud, and so stoked that it did! Not only for himself, but the small life that watches and mimics her daddy every day!