one love clt

I have visions. 

Typically they happen when I am asleep. I have a flash of something, and it wakes me up. 

It's only been about 4 times in my life. But, Thursday night was one. I went to sleep anxious, yet exhilarated for what was to come on Friday. We had a pretty epic sweat event in the books.... 

Cruise into Uptown CLT in the Clean Juice Truck on IG Live. 
Meet 40 likeminded individuals in the park and lead a workout, set with an intention and reflection.
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Back to the vision... God showed me: Charlotte, & Whitten. 

I was born and raised in Charlotte, and Whitten was my childhood friend. The things in his life that he loved, he intensely loved. Among those was diversity, and Bob Marley. When he passed, those of us who loved him carried on his mantra "Keep the Passion." Being 15, it was a very impressionable time for me. Those things set the trajectory of my life. 

Fast forward to 2016. I got a tattoo on my arm with the music notes to "One Love." Immediately following that, were the riots in Charlotte. It deeply stung my soul. My beloved home was in a divide. The fact that "One Love Charlotte" became a theme for those trying to promote unity, was incredible synchronicity. But, I didn't know exactly what I could do to influence it more.

Back to the vision. God was showing me that this event, in Charlotte, was bringing the city together. I could be an influencer of collaboration, and positive change. 

Our belief is that fitness is never just about fitness. It's a spiritual experience. It's creating a positive shift in your life. In each sweat we can set an intention. For me, on Friday, it was UNITY. "The sum of the whole is stronger than its parts." In the workout, I intentionally had everyone moving as one unit, in cadence, rhythm, together. 

The vision was that Charlotte will be healed, and stronger than ever. God was telling me, keep going. Keep the passion.



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