live your legacy

I told myself I would never share this with anyone. Now, I am about to share, with the world...

It was 11pm, about a month ago. I was the only one awake in my house. I was working on my computer, when an email popped up. It was regarding something I’ve been trying to resolve for years, and still no clarity. It sent me into a rage of anger and frustration. My body shook and I wanted to scream... Throw something across the room, but everyone was asleep. I could barely breathe. So, I threw on my jacket, and went for a walk,  into the brisk darkness, without telling anyone I was leaving (smart, Katie).

I walked and cried, and prayed in anger. As I was passing a cemetery, something told me to walk to the middle of it, and lay down, between two graves. (Y’all, I know this is dark and morbid, and not "me" at all, but sometimes we lose ourselves in madness). It was not out of any wishing to be dead, but something told me I may find answers there, while grounded to the earth.

I felt the wind, and began speaking to Janet...

On April 1st of last year, our community was rocked when Janet McFadden was tragically taken from us. She was a very loyal, long time studio member and friend. It cut, so deep. Even today, the wound is fresh. However, through it, our community pulled together, because of who she was, and the life she lived, and the legacy she left behind.

Right after she passed, her daughter, Megan, told me that her mom once wrote a poem called, "I am the Wind." 


STORY A (continued)...
I felt the wind, and began speaking to Janet. I didn't get answers, but had peace in the release of emotion.  I got up and walked home. When I got to my driveway, I stopped at the melodic sound of a wind chime. I had heard it before, but the significance had never resonated. The wind (Janet), was speaking to me. She was making music. Music inspires dance. Music and dance is the language of my soul, and hers. Without her physical body being here, she can still speak, inspire, and move us.

Janet, manifested a legacy that lives on even after her physical body is gone. Between the wind, a life of adventure, or movement, or quiet magnetic love for others, it lives on. LEGACY.

I LIVE to connect dots. It's the process that my creative, right-brained mind works, to manifest and create ideas. As the anniversary has been approaching, and I've tried to decide what we could do to honor her, there have been an obvious alignment of events and philosophies, to create one impactful event. 

One thing Megan and I agree on, is it should be inclusive. It's intended to be something that everyone, whether they knew Janet, or not, could come to, and be impacted and empowered by. 


SATURDAY APRIL 1ST (8am-until)
(Janet LOVED Saturday mornings at the studio). 
8am Primal w/ Mike
9am Kardio Dance w/ Katie
10:15-11:30 Yoga + Meditation w/ Earl + Megan mcfadden

11:30-11:45 Chat & Refresh
11:45-12:30 Motivational Speaker/Goal Setting "Live Your Legacy" 


(Identify how you want to be known and remembered, and how to apply that to daily life, through habits and goals). 

Serving: Summit pop-up coffee, Mimosas, Oatmeal Stouts (her fave), Clean Juice & snacks

If we had an event, and hardly anyone showed, Janet was one of them. Be Janet. :)