i am putting an end to this.

Having a conversation with a confident person is so refreshing. Not that most people are not confident, but how rarely do we actually share what we are proud of? We all have a degree of pride or satisfaction, in the way we look or feel, but are ashamed to say it out loud. We end up minimizing things in our conversations with other people, for fear they will judge us, and think we are conceited. Honestly, it can be exhausting. 

If I made someone's day, completed a project, or love the way my ass looks in my jeans, I want to be able to say it out loud, and celebrate the small victories with others. Because, you know what, if someone came up to me and said "Guess what I did?" or "Look at how hot I look?" I would say "HELL YEAH!" and be totally stoked to relish in the achievement, and excitement with them. 

By being honest and powerful about yourself, it opens the door, and allows others to do the same. 

So, I give you all FULL PERMISSION to walk-up to me, message me, whatever, and tell me how freakin' awesome you are!

Imagine how much more powerful and beautiful we would all be, if we said it all out loud...

Liberate the minds of men, and ultimately you will liberate the bodies of men. -Marcus Garvey