authentic legacy

I spilled a beer, on the Hornets Basketball court, on a media guys camera bag, because I got excited watching the dancers. 

I fell off my bike and scraped the crap out of my hand and foot, trying to get instagram footage.

I ran out of gas twice in the month of January.

I have gone through 3 iPhones in the past year.

At least once per class (typically more), I forget my choreography and look over my right shoulder for guidance. 

I am absent minded and CONSTANTLY forget to do things.

When things happen, I immediately feel shameful, and embarrassed, and say "typical Katie." I promise myself I will change. 

But, you know what... I am real.

On New Years Day, a few years ago, we had a goal setting class at the studio. One of my intentions was to slow down, and quit screwing up. One of the members said, "But Katie, that's why we find you so endearing." 

A few days ago, a friend of mine called for $10 for gas because he left his wallet at home and was close to the studio. I told him about my January scenario, and how I felt for him, and "I'm just oblivious in life." His response, "But that's why people love you. Don't change. Just stop running out of gas." Hah!

I would rather people be greeted at the studio by a smile and scraped up knees, over a tight bun and perfect body.

It's ok to be more mindful and intentional. To strive to be better. But, don't let that change the realness and authenticity of you. I'll always be a scatterbrained, klutz. But, you know what, it teaches me life lessons every day. It helps me relate and empathize with others. I'm perfectly imperfect, and those who love me, will ask if I'm ok when I fall, then laugh at me, with me. I'm not going to cover myself in bubble wrap, or get uber serious so I don't forget anything. Life is more fun taking risks, and being me. It creates far better content for stories.

THAT is authentic legacy.  

Keep the Passion,