the power of "me too"


Those moments when you confide in a friend. Those moments when you realize someone is going through the same struggle as you. Those moments when you realize you aren't the only one. These are powerful moments. These are moments in which our souls relate and connect on deeper levels than we can comprehend. This is where our struggles collide with the confidence of someone looking at us and saying "me too". 

"you've gotten divorced?"  me too. 
"you struggle with confidence?" me too.
"you struggle with comparison" me too. 
"you have overcome cancer" me too. 
"you don't have the resistance to not eat the
third donut?" ME TOO. 
" you don't know what the heck you're supposed to be doing
with your life?" me too. 

Today I got to have a very powerful 'me too' moment with someone I had never met before. After I got out this awesome

 Kardio dance class at Kadifit, I saw this woman and something drew me to her. I've noticed I have a knack for knowing when someone needs encouragement or for someone to just notice them and this lady did. We got to talking and she told me about herself and being new to the charlotte area then not too far into our conversation I told her, "Be very proud of yourself. You are doing better than you think you are". She began to tear up and confide in me about the struggles she's facing in this season of her life. As she did so, I thought to myself, "me too".  I told her about the struggles I was facing and the things I was learning. We smiled and looked at each other, our eyes glistening with a layer of water over them; knowing we were exactly what we needed to remind each other that we weren't alone; we have never been and we never will be. A reminder that we aren't as crazy as we thought and we were both going to get through it.  

I walked away feeling full because in that moment I understood why I struggle with the things I do... so that I may touch someone's heart by looking at them and saying "me too".  

I challenge not only myself but you to be more intentional about making "me too" moments happen in our day to day lives. Yes, it takes vulnerability. It takes a willingness to encourage a stranger. It takes the bravery of being the first to start a heartfelt conversation. But on the other side lies a magic that is only found when two souls collide on the intersection of "me too". 

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