motivated by mistakes

kadi is a community of likeminded badasses, consistently progressing, and working on the best version of themselves. We: sweat several times a week, live in daily words of wisdom, challenge the status quo, practice authenticity and don't give a F*@& what others say about it, while gracefully pushing and supporting each other in the process. 

BUT, we are far from perfect. We screw up constantly. We make mistakes, and bad decisions. We let our ego get in the way, or do what feels good in the moment, instead of what will be best for the long-term. 

What really sets us apart, is when we screw up, we have the ability to get back on our feet, quicker, faster, and stronger than before. 

The kadi lifestyle is an anchor. When the winds of life try to push us over, or knock us down, we may sway a bit, but our core is strong (literally and figuratively), so we swiftly come right back to center.

At the end of class, we give motivational words to resonate with everyone as they leave, and open the floor up for anyone to share their thoughts, life lessons, or celebrate in accomplishments... 

Recently one of our college students said she made a stupid mistake. She let it completely bring her down and put her in a really negative, dark space for a bit, that she couldn't shake. But, once she shifted her perspective to positive, she realized that was the only way to find an effective solution. With this mindset she was able to be more efficient, and her mistakes did not have as significant of an impact on her. If she had stayed in a negative place it would have only become stagnant, and unproductive. 

If this had happened a year ago, she said, prior to coming to kadi, she doesn't know that she would have had the strength to push into that positive space, at least not as quickly as she did. 

Powerful, and so profound!

Her words resonated deep with me. Especially in the idea that being negative will only keep you stagnant (at best). Not just in mistakes, but in dreams, visions, and projects. The only way for them to come to fruition is to remain in a positive mindset, abundant with possibility! And, having a community, or a squad, of strong, encouraging people, consistently trains us to handle life's curve balls.



Photograph by: In the Streets Photography, Duncan Littlefield @dflittlefield