As we begin the month of April together as a community at KadiFit, we ponder on the idea of Legacy. You’ve got a legacy (YES YOU) and so do I. A legacy that will be remembered long after we are gone. What an extraordinary thing to realize (and also sometimes scary). Every day we are etching a bit more of our legacy simply by the way we live our lives. At your job, your home or your school, the universe is giving you countless opportunities to make positive impressions on the people you come in contact with. 

These small acts done well are woven together to create your legacy. 

Now, if you are anything like me you are thinking to yourself "that's not a big enough legacy". I believe we all have a part of us that wants to do radical things in this world for the greater good. I know I do. Yet this part of me can get in the way of allowing me to see the significance of the daily smalls things I do uniquely well. We are at an extremely awesome time in the social media world where we can effortlessly see the accomplishments and highlights of other people lives. It's easy to get caught up in the web of "wow look at their life. They are fulfilling their dreams and doing awesome things, why am I even alive?". Sounds ridiculous but I know I've had a couple of those moments myself.  

I am a big dreamer who thrives on the visions of my innermost childhood dreams coming true. I know you have a couple of those dreams too. But when our time has come to leave this earth, to the people who truly mattered in our lives our legacy will have less to do with our accomplishments and more to do with the small things we did well. 

Living your legacy doesn't have to be about you doing huge monumental things where you became the next Steve Jobs or invented a new platform of social media. Steve jobs did create Apple but the lasting impression he had on his daughter will be remembered as a father and not an inventor. 

Your legacy doesn't have to be noticed or accredited by a sum of people in order for it to be valuable. 

Look down and notice where your feet are planted right now. This is the ground where you are leaving bits of your legacy. Take a look around you. What can you do right now that will make a positive impression on someone else? An impression that you would be proud to leave. 

The legacy we leave behind won’t be about our achievements or the awesome things we created. It can be a part of it but it won't be the thing people loved most about you. It will be the way you loved your children; the way you forgave others; the way you never gave up even when things got tough; the way you always made people smile right when they needed a good laugh or the way you encouraged others that will be remembered when you are gone. This is your legacy. So yes, go and achieve your dreams but just give yourself a gentle reminder every now and then that how you live your life today will be remembered more than the things you accomplish down the road.

- with love and acceptance
IG: @yourgirlkj