drop into the experience

This morning started off with a 6am Hot Yoga class at Yoga One. It was filled with great vibes with badass peeps, but the first few minutes were rough for me. (How often do we experience that in our workouts)? My body wasn't awake, but Tai (@yogitai) had us straight into the flow. When she said "cheetah", my mind said "Ugh. Why so quickly?"But, I took quick recognition to that, and let my ego go. I allowed Tai to lead. I trusted, and took in all of the experience without judgement of myself, the person leading, the space, temperature, the insecurity of being the girl who pours sweat like a man. I allowed for a little discomfort instead of pushing it away... and got into an ultimate flow state. That only happens when you let go of any sort of restriction, insecurity, or limiting belief.

Flow state is not limited to just yoga. It can happen at any time, any place. It's simply a opening up in the moment, and seeing it as completely brand new. It's tapping into a deeper part of your mind to allow thoughts, experiences, movement & ultimate creativity to flow.

By the end of class, Tai led us into savasana by saying "drop into the experience," and my mind said "YES!" I have a deep love for lyricy of words, and those few words together felt incredibly powerful. 

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