As a fitness professional, it's definitely a perk to be in shape 24/7. You don't have the choice to say, I don't feel like it today. But, you do have a choice, to go through the motions, or continuously evolve and reach new PERSONAL peaks along the way. Through years of tweaking (and twerking), evolving, experimenting with what works, I reconstructed my body, the good old fashioned way! I reached a new level, and felt hotter than ever. HOW, YOU ASK? For a long time I had stuck with a routine of intense cardio and boga. I told myself I didn't need Primal, because I was getting everything I needed. Then, I called myself out, and recognized the resistance as fear. I incorporated Primal several times a week into my workout, and that's when my body changed. I developed a fire to be extraordinary, instead of just what I needed for the classes I teach. I started doing things I had never done before: boxing, sprinting, etc. It's true, you have to do things you've never done, to get what you've never had. For the first time ever, my legs became defined, and slimmer (They are my ONE thing I could never quite conquer. You know we all have that one spot. The last to go).

I honed in on my eating habits, and was at my perfect weight. Physically and mentally, I was in the best shape of my life!

Then, recently my ankle started bothering me. It turns out I have opposing muscles out of balance in my shin (stretched T.A., and a tight T.P.). Last week I was told to "Roll it out, and REST." NOOOO! 

Sweating is my sanctuary. When I get anxious, overwhelmed, feel like I can no longer juggle all of the balls I have in the air, I go to that place of euphoria. 

-Punch the bag to release frustration
-Run sprints to find new limits
-Find my power in plyo
-Dance to exhilarate (& free sadness)

All of the pathways of the brain that get bogged down, congested, & negative, are cleared and lifted up every time I take a class. I am made new again!

- FOOD: I told myself "Hey, since you'll be burning a lot less calories, you should eat less"... Did that happen? Nope. My self-control suffered, and the worse I felt, the more processed crap I took in to try to fill a void. It only perpetuated the crappiness. I busted out of my skirt at a wedding, (the same skirt that fit a week before).  I gained 8 pounds back in a week. :/ 

- MENTAL STATE: My patience for my 3 year-old drastically declined.
Because I am more stressed, I am no longer leading by example. In turn, she's been far from a delight.
On Memorial Day I felt extremely anxious. I knew it was silly, and irrational. I was surrounded by my family. Pool time and cookout. I love my house, and spending time in it. Why on earth don't I have pure joy in this moment?


The typical state of Americans:
Little physical activity
Processed foods
High anxiety and depression
Little patience, drive and motivation.
KNOWING what they should do, but make excuses as to why they can't

I FELT A SUDDEN URGE FOR EVERY PERSON TO REACH THEIR OWN EUPHORIA. The place where they are exercising regularly, not just going through the motions, but REALLY performing at their potential, & eating clean. If everyone reached that state, I believe they would never go back. It would be a wake up call. Feeling unmotivated, sluggish, crappy, is NOT HOW WE ARE MEANT TO LIVE. 

But, unfortunately, you have to go through every step of the way, from the beginning, to get to that point.

On the car ride home yesterday, we listened to "BE OBSESSED OR BE AVERAGE." We all have the things we obsess over. What we perpetual do and think about... Even if it's something that's not good for you, at least you know you're capable of it. 

What if you (Yes YOU, the person lacking motivation right now)... SHIFTED AN OBSESSION you have for something: social media, food, alcohol, a bad relationship, and became obsessed with your health, and living your passions? The time and energy you were spending on the negative, is now used to build your greatness!

MY NEW OBSESSION: To transform an industry. To become a household name that people recognize as the brand that gets people physically, mentally and spiritually to their prime.

How can I help you reach a new peak? 
Message me.
I would love nothing more than to be a guide for you!

Become Obsessed with your health. You CAN feel INCREDIBLE!