jealousy is alive. proactive or reactive? you decide.

Janey MC Fearce Academy Edits-636.jpg

I found this chick, @janeybworld, a few months ago on Instagram when she "took over" my friend Wes' story. She's a badass motivator/entrepreneur/singer, who's fiercely authentic, and physically gorgeous, to top it off. (Perfect package).

I wish I could sing like her... be as skinny as her... speak as powerfully as her. OK, Katie, time to work harder... (leaves the page, but sometimes stalks it and constantly has more depreciating thoughts).

Damn this chick can sing... and what she's doing is so dope. I'd love to connect, feed off of the energy, and learn more about Joga & Fearce Acadamy... I think I'd dig it (Sends DM on IG: "Damn girl! Love what you're doing...")

5 years ago Katie was torn down by her own jealousy. The experiences/interactions/relationships with new people were limited or not given a fighting chance, because of the hard cold jealous "what-ifs" that starved me of myself. 

My world was rocked several months ago when I quit competing with the people who are living, talking, speaking hustling better than me. As I bring them on my team, MY skill set, and reach out into the world MULTIPLIES.

TODAY'S KATIE sees other gorgeous, powerful, fierce females as a source of deep, authentic joy!

You know when you meet someone, and immediately you recognize that they have just shifted your humanity to a whole new level... That's Janey. Seriously, so many powerful projects are in the works you guys... Can't wait to share.  <3

TO WITNESS THE PRODUCT OF A POWERFUL FEMALE FRIENDSHIP MADE OUT OF PURE LOVE, STRIPPING ALL JEALOUSY... Tune into Instagram on Wednesday, as we do an IG takeover! (i.e.- she will be on my story, and I will be on hers). #womancrushwednesday

"Stop shirking your REAL life for a thousand imagined ones" -Bryan Ward