For most of us, male or female, loving our body is a constant struggle. It's not until we start seeing results, that we begin to feel proud of it. And, even then, it's never perfect enough for us. We don't look in the mirror and see our attributes, all we can seem to focus on, are our flaws. We magnify them and carry them with us everywhere we go. The minute we see someone, we feel like they notice them: the few pounds we put on this week, the way our thighs touch, stomach hangs over our pants, or blemish that popped up on our face.
Food is a battle in itself, and a reflection of how we feel about our body. On "good days" we practice better portion control, or only eat what we consider "healthy" (which aren't always as healthy as we think). Some of us feel like we are in better control of our life, if we can control the amount of calories we consume each day. Or, maybe days we are less motivated, we sabotage ourselves, using food like drugs; out of boredom, or some sort of emotional fulfillment.
Everywhere we turn, we are lured by the next detox/quick fix/fat burner (what they can sell to make money off of you). They may work in the short-term, but what about the damage we are doing, and years taken off of our lives by these products and the man made chemicals put in them?
You've probably heard this before, but everything your body needs, was put on this earth for you to enjoy, and savor. By consuming WHOLE, REAL food, we are able to: heal, prevent sickness and disease, change our skin's complexion, and YES even, to change our entire physique (because we all want to LOOK as good as we feel)!
Knowledge is power. SO, if you know the vitamins and nutrients in your food, how it affects your body, what it can do for it, you have the power to transform from the inside out. If you know which foods:

-Give you lasting energy
-Keep you fuller longer
-Contain anti-aging power
-Restore muscle
-Keep your gut healthy
-Are ideal for pre/post workout
-Transform your physique

...you will make healthy decisions for your body, because you love your body! And, instead of abusing it with too little nutrition, or sabotaging it with fake, processed chemicals, that lead to sickness and disease, you are changing your body's actual physical makeup, with things found on this earth. Then, you will only LOVE it more and more!

In the month of February, we have LOVEly local experts stopping by to share some nutrition knowledge. Check out our events page, and mark your calendar!