you vs you

Before success, there will be struggle. There will be things that make us uncomfortable, physically and emotionally. While I'm working out, I know that is especially true. The things that come easy to us are fun to do, but true fulfillment, or transformation comes right after the struggle. 

I had an epiphany, in how to use my mind to power me through the physical challenges I face. During one yoga class, I was feeling exceptionally tired, and was just going through the motions. Megan asked us to hold a lunge, leaning forward, with our arms back as if we are about to take off, like an Olympic Runner. As I did so, I thought about the sound that the crowd makes, and adrenaline pumping through their veins. At that moment, I realized there was great power in envisioning something. Most likely, I will never be an Olympic Athlete, but, by simply putting myself in that pose, my body could have that same sensation they have. When the burn of holding the pose started to set in, I was able to experience, what it's like to feel that in my body. For the rest of the class, in each pose we were in, I thought of people all around the world, who live in these positions, farmers squatting in fields, or even just other yogis doing this everywhere.

So often, when things become uncomfortable, we resist, and give up. Instead of pushing away the sensation, I embraced it. I felt as if I was really living!

There's great power in our mind. The attitude and thoughts we have when we face something painful, or strenuous, or just foreign to us, can completely change whether or not we are successful at them. People who can do great things like run marathons, or write novels, aren't necessarily more talented than the rest of us, they just tried harder when most people gave up. 

Last week I finished a super empowering book by Derek Hough, called "Taking the Lead." He often gets asked to work on projects that he's never done: choreographing an ice dance routine for the Olympics, or a dance style on Dancing with the Stars he never learned, (but had to pretend he knew for his partners)... Anytime he would have the initial thought, "I can't do that, I don't know how." He would stop himself, and say, "That means I HAVE to do it." Just to see if he could.

Imagine if we all changed our reaction to things, even the smallest of them like: performing on a stage, or the workout you've never tried, or having a conversation with someone who intimidates you. How would your life change if you tried to do every thing that scared you, just to see if you could?

What mental habits you could instill in your life, to consistently make YOU today, better than the YOU yesterday?